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Monday, December 21, 2009

One of the most egregious assaults on privacy ever

Taunia asks in a different post if we're watching the abortion issue in Oklahoma and wonders if something similar will be tried here in South Dakota.

The Oklahoma law which passed that state's legislature has been the subject of a restraining order preventing it from taking effect and may well be the most egregious assault on privacy ever contrived by wicked people who have managed to get elected. Read about it here.

To answer Taunia's question, I sure hope not, but nothing would surprise me. I think the voters in South Dakota have made it abundantly clear that they have had their belly full of this issue. We shall hope those we have elected have been listening to us.


Bill Fleming said...

South Dakota already has something similar and has had it for years. It's the source of a lot of the misleading information given in anti-abortion arguments. I've posted on this topic numerous times on several sites. It's not so much the information that is damaging, but rather, the way the information is frequently misinterpreted. For an example of what I'm talking about click HERE.

Steve Sibson said...

Their names are not disclosed. This is like an anonymous commenter. Privacy? Try again Mike.