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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean may be ready to pack in the Senate Health Reform bill, but Nate Silver isn't.

I post this link for my friend Cory's consideration. He seems to be lining up in the Howard Dean camp. I know it's not what we want, Cory, but maybe it's worth looking at the numbers. Anyway, I always like reading what Nate has to say.


caheidelberger said...

So health care costs will hit me with a stick instead of a two-by-four. It's not exactly an argument to inspire me to blog... but it is a pretty rational argument.

I still want more. I still want to believe that maybe we can trick the Senate into passing this bill, then win back the public option in reconciliation and win on 51 votes. But I suppose I can be persuaded to accept the possible in place of the ideal... if I have to... I guess. ;-)

caheidelberger said...

Robert Reich is less impressed. He says the bill is worth passing, but just barely. Too much power left in hands of private insurers, not enough for citizens.

Bill Fleming said...

I know, Cory, it's a mess. If nothing passes it's bad and if something that sucks passes, that's bad too. I wish they would have listened to the Progressives in the first place instead of trying to pacify the moderates and the unpacifiable conservatives. We'd have reform that everyone would eventually love and defend the same way the Repubs are now defending medicare. I'm starting to think maybe the Dems got outfoxed by the Corps... again. Tsk.

Bill Fleming said...

By the way, Cory et al, the Democrats' debate at is in full swing. Are you following it? Good stuff.