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Monday, November 16, 2009

Would Marking's approach work?

Ok, Kevin Woster seemed a little impatient with Mr. Marking yesterday.

I bet we can do better.

BT, I see how your idea would allow a majority of SD voters to guide your vote on legislation from other states, but how would you use your process to develop and introduce new legislation on behalf of your fellow South Dakotans (i.e. how can we help you write and propose new laws?)

And do you really think you could avoid forming opinions until the votes were all in?

And finally, given all that initial reasoned objectivity, when and how do you turn it into emotionally passionate advocacy... or do you?


Wayne Gilbert said...

Mr. Marking is either cynically running on a demagogue ticket, knowing his plan won't work, or he actually believes that it will, somehow, work. In either case I am skeptical about his qualifications.

Bill Fleming said...

Wayne, I'm thinking there must be more to BT's idea than he has shared with us so far.

I'm trying to think of a way to ask questions in such a way as to facilitate his best, clearest answers.

I think these guys (Thad and BT) deserve a good hearing and a place to work out their ideas. Obviously they are a new breed of cat. And that's good, I think.

Obviously the "same old thing" is pretty much broken.