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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two eggs, bacon, hash browns, OJ

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid now say they won't have a health care package in front of President Obama before the new year. Read that here.

I like my eggs basted, Bill. Millstone or Tally's will do nicely.

I think it is a good thing that at least the Senate bill will be delayed. Our leaders need time to do this right, if it can be done right.


Bill Fleming said...

Harry Reid....fpfrlt kzxpwt.
Um, yeah, okay Mike... basted.
Millstone. Got it. *#%^)(.

Bob Newland said...

I volunteer my services to photograph this event.


Anonymous said...

Once again the demos insisted on being too clever by half. A couple of pages of bill that merely extended Medicare for all would have accomplished the goals, and made the US competitive with the businesses from all the civilized nations that have a version of national health care. Instead, our businesses and workers will continue to bear the burden, and be less competitive.

As another wrote, the democrats control the White House; the democrats control both houses of congress; and we're to believe that the republicans are holding up health care?

Gross incompetence and negligence doesn't begin to describe the state of our governance - either now or over the past eight years.

Bill Fleming said...

Minor observation: The egg on Barack's face is not basted. ...looks more like sunny side up.

Michael Sanborn said...

Egg has now been basted.