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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just When I Thought Powers was Smarter than Sibby

Powers proves me wrong. Over at South Dakota War College, Pat has a piece on "The Coalition for Cures Not Cloning." They've done a Chicken Little press release opposing a non-existant initiated measure that would supposedly open a huge loop-hole in the state's existing cloning ban.

The release doesn't identify the supposed group that is supposedly circulating the supposed petition to get the supposed measure on the ballot. They're like a ventriloquist playing to a house full of people who are deaf and blind.

Good-hearted Republicans in this state probably should concern themselves with winning Stephanie's House seat by attracting moderate Republicans to Republican candidates. That is not done by focusing efforts on abortion, gay marriage and stem cell research.

If Pat's blog is as powerful as he claims it is, and he convinces Republican candidates that these are the compelling issues facing South Dakota voters, Stephanie can sleep peacefully tonight.


PP said...

Michael -

Once again, there is no decorum at the forum.

What does your ad hominem attack against me or the press release I reproduced have to do with the Republican party or Stephanie Herseth Sandlin?

It was a release sent to me and I printed it, as such items tend to generate debate and discussion.

Anonymous said...

Pat Powers: Professional victim!

Erin said...

It is difficult to believe that moments after making a totally contrived and malicious personal attack on Bob Newland, this insufferable twit would whine about pointing out misrepresentation on his part as being an ad hominem attack. He and Sibby are of the same mental and moral level.

The main draw to his site is speed of his blog aggregator. I wish Blognet were more efficient and reliable. I'd never visit War College.

Bob Newland said...

The entire text of Pat Powers' eulogy (which I wouldn't mind hearing fairly soon :--)) ):

Brother Powers had 32 kids. He also had a magnificent blog aggregator. Brothers and sisters, there IS a correlation. Praise the Lord!

Bill Fleming said...

Ok, enough of that. I just blew a mouthful of Starbuck's Pike's Place Blend out my nose. Thanks a lot, Newland.

Michael Sanborn said...


You posted it!? If the same group sent you a press release saying aliens from Mars were coming to breed with our women, would you post that too?

The post, which is not an ad hominem attack against you, it is a criticism of your blog's contents. And mercy, you've certainly criticized mine.

My point was that if you give that kind of a release credibility by reprinting it, you're going to detract from issues Republicans care about.

Hcir said...

It's good to know that posts about Pied Piper (PP) get under his skin. It makes me giddy. It's okay for him to trash other folks but how dare anyone trash him.