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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Facebookers, wanna see how welcome outsider ideas are in greater Red Owl, South Dakota?

On a post below, "Jingles" invites me to come see the progress
on the new bridge out Red Owl way.

Not sure I'd much enjoy the company, rd.

I'm just sayin...


Erin said...

This collection of comments captures the reason I and many of my classmates moved out of South Dakota after college. The air may not be totally polluted but the social environment is.

Jinglebob said...

Don't let this scare you off Bill. I won't tell anyone you are coming or that you are a Liberal and you will be fine.

Kind of reminds me of what it would be like for King George to have visited the colonies, way back then, huh?

This just shows what can happen when an outsider with no idea of an area or it's people try to tell them, ow they should live. You will notice none of these people are trying to change the way you live Bill.

By the way, I am really enjoying seeing all these cute little posts you are making. Here I thought you were a frumpy old man, when evidently you are still in high school!

Bill Fleming said...

King George. That's pretty funny.

Bill Fleming said...

rd, it would be more like an anthropological study, actually. Like Darwin going to the Galapagos Islands.
In that regard, the bridge repair is probably a good idea so as to avoid further isolating the gene pool.

Taunia said...

I've been quietly lurking and following this discussion both here and at Hurst's.

You were doing so well until your last comment, BF. That one was below the belt.

I see both sides of this argument. However, because everyone is hurting in most unusual ways (including a lot of CEO's as of today's news), I do think $400K is a little tough to spend for a bridge right now.

If times were better, I don't know if this would be such a controversial subject.

Bill Fleming said...

You mean the gene pool thing, Taunia, or the "Jingles" Andy Devine reference? I suppose they were both pretty unnecessarily smart-assy now that you mention it.

Les said...

Taunia, more often than not I appreciate your comments, and do again! For any of us who have not been to Red Owl, it is meaningless to say it is worth it or not. Only standing in the shoes of another can we understand their true feelings. That little bridge may bring several million dollars of product annually to our GDP.