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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Considering the "opt-out" public option. Calling all candidates.

It sounds like states may have a choice as to whether they want to participate in a public health insurance program if Congress passes (and Obama signs) a health care reform bill with an opt-out clause.

As best I can tell, the states will have this option after a year or so of the federal laws passage. If this happens, it seems to me to be a readymade key component of any state legislator candidate or gubernatorial candidate's platform. So how about it candidates? Potential candidates? Forumpians? Should South Dakota opt in? Or opt out?

Howie? Heidpriem? Anyone... anyone... Bueller?

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Braden said...

I think if it is an opt-out clause, very few if any states will opt-out. Medicaid too has an opt-out clause, you don't see any states opting out of that. Why? Because it would be political suicide.