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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Will we support a limited gummint...?

One of the items in my inbox when I got home from jail was a letter from the Chris Nelson Exploratory Committee. Click on the image at left for a more readable copy.

Chris has been, as far as I can tell, a good Secretary of State. He wants now to continue in elective office, specifically in the seat now occupied by Stephanie Sandlin.

He asks several questions, his answers to which will probably form the basis for his campaign. These are typical Republican talking points. The problem has been that the past several Republican administrations, both nationally and in South Dakota, have answered these questions by instituting programs that exacerbate the problems they have titularly been attempting to relieve.

I don't have much faith that Nelson will provide any suggestions that, if enacted, will be result in any different outcomes. It's unlikely, for example, that he will advocate the repeal of a single law.

As of this morning, although Nelson has announced formally that he seeks the nomination for US House, the website on his letterhead is still titled "Chris Nelson for Secretary of State."

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