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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Playhouse move?

Well, you take Highway 385 to 244 or 87. If you go via 244, take a right at 16. If you take 87, take a left on County 753. If you take 244-16, take a right on 753.


Some governor candidates are chiming in. Read about it here. I haven't been to a play at the Black Hills Playhouse for many years. I have night blindness and the road to the Playhouse is too treacherous for me.

Now comes the end of the lease and Gov. Rounds wants the new lease to include upgrades and possibly a new and easier location to reach.

The Playhouse struggles for a number of reasons, and location is one of them. It is a good thing and among the few things that I believe deserves public funding. But, finding the funding in a year where revenues are down, isn't realistic.

My suggestion: Renew the lease for 10 years with stipulations that septic issues are handled immediately and a move to a more accessable location be completed by 2020.


Taunia said...

The Playhouse wouldn't be the same if it wasn't where it is, rustic as it is. It has a certain amount of charm, being tucked away, and an actual destination.

I like your idea.

Bill Fleming said...

What a sad story. Maybe it will have a happy ending.