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Monday, October 12, 2009

Interesting artwork

In light of previous torture posts and the discussion by Bob below on witchcraft. This piece of art caught my attention, as did the essay where I found it here.

Turns out confessions of practicing witchcraft were extracted from women by using the unique torture called "water boarding."

I'm not all that excited about re-opening the torture debate here. But, I am prepared to say that I've been convinced that water boarding is more than just a splash of water and a moment of fear. It's torture.

Now, there has obviously been much debate over whether it is or isn't. But the more important issue is whether or not it is wise to pursue prosecutions of people who were told by their superiors that the practice was legal. and were ordered to perform these enhanced interrogations. I'm not convinced that it is wise to prosecute CIA agents. I would be very reluctant, as a CIA agent, to pursue my duties if in one administration something is accepted while in the next administration it is not. Nobody can work that way. Define torture. Make it's use verboten as a policy matter. Move on.


Bob Newland said...

Hey Rasmussen, I have just completed my waterboarding tutorial; I am now state certified to torture. Are ye ready, me bucko?

Steve Sibson said...

I don't see the board. Are you just making stuff up again?

Bob Newland said...

To whom are you addressing that question, Steve? And elaborate a little, please. Of what board do you speak, the So. Dak. Board of Torture?

Michael Sanborn said...

You ARE kidding, right Steve?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin' Steve's sincere.