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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Anybody wanna make some money?

Pat Powers challenges, "Anyone care to wager whether [Newland] makes it to Christmas without getting a return to the iron bar hotel, or at the least, a judicial spanking?"

I'll put $100 up on that bet. Anyone else?

Update from Newland: Powers now claims to be worried that my offering to bet him would result in a violation of the terms of my probation. Read the string of comments (Pat Powers challenges). The dope has no shame.

And now, Powers says, "
saying 'I’d wager' is a figure of speech."
Like a li'l puppy going "Ay yi yi yi yi..."

Finally, holding true to his cowardly lying credentials, Powers has barred me from comment on his blog. Darn!


Thad Wasson said...

I'll put down $10.

Bill Fleming said...

How much money does Powers have? Let's take it all. Is he giving odds?

Anonymous said...

Like Fleming, I'm an expatriate from the rushmore blog. I wanted to know whatever happending to the Rasmussen waterboard quest? And is Powers wager a rhetorical statement, like Rasmussens must have been?

Bob Newland said...

Both Powers and Rasmussen are essentially little cowardly bitches who have nothing of value to add rhetorically to anything. And if we weren't decorous on the forum, my characterizations would not be so complimentary.

Bill Fleming said...

All I'll say is that Randy Rasmussen knows his water boarder is ready when he is. And that so far, RR's not picked up the gauntlet.

That's fine with me. I don't think he should do it. He could get killed messing around like that. Have a stroke or a heart attack, even if he doesn't drown.

Besides, it's a form of torture, and I'm opposed to people being physically tortured.

...of course, I suppose one could argue that Rasmussen is not a person...

...ok, let me think about it.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks for cleaning up your response, Mr Newland. As for the waterboarding, I figure if you are dumb enough to volunteer for it, you are dumb enough to do it. And I won't stand in the way on someone insisting on being stupid.

PP said...

I have not (and never have) prevented Bob from commenting.

However, I have re-instituted that his comments are pre-screened before I will allow them to appear, since he has a hard time refraining from using obscenites, threatening violence, etc.

Otherwise, with regards to any criticisms that Bob has, I simply consider the source.

Now, if Bob dislikes what I have so say so much, I do have the ability to actually ban him.

But if he can learn to mind his manners, I will allow his reading permissions to continue, and I will also permit his comments on a pre-screened basis as they are once again.

Bill Fleming said...

Are you saying you can set your blog so certain people can't even READ it, Pat?


I wish Sibby would do that to me.

Every once in a while I look over there into Sibbyland and completely gross myself out.

It would be so helpful if he would just relieve me of the temptation.

Know what I mean?

(p.s. my daughter says we should migrate this blog to the WordPress platform where we can do all that cool stuff. I'm gonna talk to the boys about it. We may need it for the upcoming debates.)

PP said...

Some of that level of control is server, and not Wordpress based.

When I was with the Blogger platform, it was a pain to delete Bob's first run of spamming my website with Pornography/Obscenities on a post by post basis (about 100 times in an evening), which is what caused me to move to Wordpress.

If you migrate, once you get used to it, you'll find Wordpress is a much more powerful blogging platform.

Douglas said...

"...of course, I suppose one could argue that Rasmussen is not a person...

...ok, let me think about it."

Fleming, you have an obligation to protect the "unbrained".