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Monday, September 14, 2009

SD Republican economist and former legislator endorses Sam Hurst's Health Care Plan

"Sam's plan has the virtue of being comparatively inexpensive, as health care for young people is still pretty cheap. I think it is a good idea, and for now, because I believe we are in crisis and something is better than nothing--in fact almost anything is better than nothing--mark me down as a Hurstian.

Cost and coverage are intimately related of course, but they can be dealt with separately. Start with coverage, I say; then worry, as we must, about cost." — Don Frankenfeld."


caheidelberger said...

Thank you, Don! Now let's get on the horn to SHS, Johnson, and Thune!

Taunia Adams said...

I'm sensing an upward turn in this healthcare discussion nationally and locally.

I don't see it by Thanksgiving, but there's hope.

Steve Sibson said...

What kind of economist or busines mind would separter cost and benefits sot that the cost/benefit ruled is taken out of play?

Have anybody heard of the Austria school of economics, where natural law is applied versus the misguided Keynsian economic philosophy?

Steve Sibson said...


That should be separate.

Taunia Adams said...

Did you guys hear something?

Michael Sanborn said...

Kind of a Ready...FIRE!...Aim approach, don't you think, Don?

Bill Fleming said...

It's a pretty standard business model actually, Mike.

Get a product to market first, then work on cost efficiencies at every point in the delivery system.

Most product launches I've been involved with went this route. Cost adjustments are part of the R&D process. The last phase of it actually.

Sadly, one of those last efficiency measures, (if we've done our job right) is typically to cut the ad budget.


Bill Fleming said...

Sibby, one of the nice things about this blogger software is that if you get a Google Account, you can delete your own posts if you want to and start over.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up.

Oftentimes, if I have a lot of typos in a first draft, and published too early in the composition process, I'll just copy what I've written and paste it into the next box, correct my mistakes, and post the corrected version again. Then I go back and delete the old post.

Your post at 7:53 could probably benefit from just such a process. It's pretty much incomprehensible as it stands.