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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sanborn Proven Wrong by Myth Busters!

So, I was using one of my favorite axioms – "You Can't Polish A Turd" – the other day in my favorite watering hole, and my friend Ken said: "Sure you can. The Myth Busters did it."

He was right:


Bill Fleming said...

Outstanding, Michael.

I notice also that by going spherical, the myth busters (by definition) eliminate the "liberal clean-end" hypothesis — at least in the "polished" context. (i.e. a polished turd is endless.)

I think we should be careful how we bring this up to my good friend Dick Termes.

He's busy enough as it is.

Steve Sibson said...

I think you used that term during one of your personal attacks that was directed at me.

Donna said...

So how do we go about signing up Sibby for this ???

Anonymous said...

Nothing new, politicians have been polishing turds for centuries now. Or is it that they are the polished turds? Either way, a closer look just reveals more of the same aftermath. Palin must have been too wet to set right? McCain had no cohesiveness, Biden was too sticky and Obama, well the lighting was good.