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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hey, cool.

Todd Williams at the RCJ gave us a nice review. Thanks Todd!
"The Decorum Forum is one of my favorite new blogs, with longtime Blogmorites and local bloggers Bill Felming [sic], Bob Newland and Mike Sanborn taking interesting angles on all sorts of topics, from hyper-local to global."
Well, at least he didn't spell my name with two "m"s.
I hate when that happens.


Nick Nemec said...

Or with a "ph"

Bill Fleming said...

Yeah, that too, Nick. Come to think of it, that's kinda how this blog got started if I recall.

Michael Sanborn said...


Taunia Adams said...

I vaguely remember a "ph" being used in some black hole area across the 'net, but I want the whole story.

Nice publicity for this joint.

Keep up the good work.

Bill Fleming said...

Taunia, it's a pretty short story.

Mike didn't think it was very nice of his fellow Republicans on SDWC (many of whom post as "anonymous") to refer to me as "Phlegm" or "Phlem-bag" or just "Phlem."

So he started this blog and told everybody to elevate their game.

OK, I'm trying, I'm trying.... But I still think the best answer for those guys is to say back to them, "Hey, that snot funny."

I mean, if that's all they got, that's all they got, right? Might as well humor them.

Mike likes to say, "You can't polish a turd."

I go one step further and say, "Yeah, but if you're going to have to eat one, don't nibble."

See why me and Mike are pals?

Michael Sanborn said...

Not only can you not polish one, you can't pick one up by the clean end, as many of my rose-colored glasses-wearing liberal friends sometimes appear to believe.