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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Frankenfeld's ad (and my typesetting job) make the news.

Nice report from KOTA TV. Also heard a report on it on SDPublic Radio Friday evening. Not much from the conservative blogs as yet, however. Cat got your tongue, fellas? Here's a link to the PAC's website.

And here's the KOTA TV Script in case the links don't work. They're acting kind of glitchy for some reason: KOTA Territory News Team It may be the first time someone or a group has run want ads for a political candidate. Well, at least in KOTA Territory. Starting Sunday, one of South Dakota's largest political action committees is running want ads in local newspapers, for republicans willing to mount a primary challenge in legislative elections. What makes it even more unique: the Equality South Dakota Political Action Committee is the group putting out the ad. The group supports and promotes equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. It's a community conservatives have tended to snub in the past. But, Don Frankenfeld, the vice chair of the group, says he knows there are republicans who support gay rights. "I think it's a traditional republican principle to provide for tolerance and fairness," Frankenfeld said. "Moderate republicans, who are willing to take a stand in this, need to have some support against the pressure they're likely to feel from the religious right." According to the ad, while most of last year's contributions went to democrats, the group contributed more than $8,500 to republicans. This year, they expect to increase that support.


Sharon Ludwick Warner said...

Bill...Thanks for the love. The link to the PAC's website is incorrect, though.

You know, the IRS wants us to keep it separate. And we work hard to do so.

Bill Fleming said...

Thanks Sharon. I think it's fixed now. Let me know if not, ok?