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Thursday, September 10, 2009

...and now, I present the first official Decorum Forum "Artie Oakley" Award.

First a little background. Until recently when Randy Rasmusen jumped the shark by making fun of torture, I used to comment on Mt. Blogmore a little... ok, ok, a LOT. Anyway, about that same time, I was having a little showdown over there with another commenter named Art Oakes. Turns out Art is kind of famous.

Who knew?

Anyway, one day after a particularly crazed post by Oakes, he an I had this little exchange where I called him "Arty Oakley" for shooting his mouth off like a goofball when he gets his dander up. I was referring of course to Annie Oakley, the famous female sharpshooter from Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show.

Well, Arty didn't much care for my idea, and vowed to stop offending me (in that instance, intentionally spelling my last name with two "m"s, and calling my attention to it) if I would stop calling him Artie Oakley. I said ok. So we had a little truce going there.

Well, Mr. Oakes, as Bugs Bunny says, "Of course you know, this means WAR."

So for mindlessly shooting his mouth off yet once again, in an effort to demean and humiliate someone far above and beyond his station in life, I hereby bestow on Art Oakes the First Official "Artie Oakley Award."

And in so doing, invite Forumpian nominations for subsequent presentations. I'm thinking we present the best of the best, maybe once a week or so? Ok, maybe a fortnight.


Taunia Adams said...

Congratulations, Art.

Enjoy your 1.5 minutes of fame.

Michael Sanborn said...

You gotta love Photoshop.