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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yet another thing I didn't know.

Over on SDDC's blog, I just finished up a conversation with a commenter called "Springer."

Our dialogue gets a little rough sometimes and I've been thinking that Springer was a male. Turns out, maybe not. So far. s/he ain't sayin'.

Well, so now, I'm feeling a little sheepish and am grinning like a Cheshire Cat, something I recently accused Scott Munstermann of doing elsewhere on SDWC.

Anyway, it all got me to thinking. What IS a Cheshire Cat anyway. I mean really.

So, ta-da! in just a couple of Wikipedia clicks later, I found out.

"The phrase appears in print in John Wolcot's pseudonymous Peter Pindar's Pair of Lyric Epistles in 1792: "Lo, like a Cheshire cat fart our court will grin."


God, I'm still rolling on the floor laughing over here!

You seen the Cats in Cheshire eat a lot of cheese and dead rats and... oh hell, here, read it your self.

I gotta go pee.

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