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Monday, August 24, 2009

Wanna know why Herseth/Sandlin and Tim Johnson aren't jumping up and down to hold town hall meetings?

Watch this. The woman gives a completely honest answer — the answer the crowd presumably wants to hear, and still gets booed. If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. And Gordo, really with those empty chairs? Come on. Nothing like making all your guests feel like second rate losers. I tell ya, you guys are a piece of work:


Bob Newland said...

"Citizens for Liberty?" Chaired by Gordon Howie? Now there is a non-sequitur if I ever heared one.

A lot like the German Democratic People's Republic, that we used to refer to as "East Germany."

Howie is about as attuned to liberty as a lamb is attuned to voting on what to have for lunch at the polls with four coyotes.

Bill Knight said...

I was extremely disappointed with this forum, especially the so called "Dr. Truth" that they had there. It was an insult to my intelligence that Rep. Thune's rep. gave canned answers such as "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" instead of answering the questions.

I was also extremely disappointed in the audience in that they booed Rep. Johnson's rep, even though she gave honest answers. Saturday I officially switched my party affiliation to Democrat at that rally.

Bill Knight said...

Also Bill, I know someone who videotaped the rally in full from almost the same angle that Bob Ellis filmed it from if you would like the video.

Bill Fleming said...

Bob, they serve lunch at the polls in Hermosa?

My read is that Gordon was trying to stir the pot and keep a lid on things at the same time. That's pretty much what I try to do here too, actually.

I'm hoping more videos come up and that the crowd redeems itself. Could be they just got off to a rough start. Lots of pent up frustration I'm sure, what with having the Democratic party in charge these days and all. Takes some gettin' used to, I suppose.

Bill Fleming said...

Bill K. I'll be glad to post your friend's video. Saves me from having to wait for Bob E. to put his up. Thanks!

Bill Fleming said...

Ok, I've been trying to figure out why the action of these Tea Bag crowds seems somehow so familiar.

Then it finally dawned on me.

The movies about Holy Week. You know, where Jesus is being presented by Pilate to the crowd, the governor thinking the people really would probably let the poor guy go if he gave them a choice between him and the murdering thief Barabbas?

But they choose the criminal instead?

Think about it.

Then read "What's the Matter With Kansas?" by Thomas Frank.

Then think about it some more.

And hey, I don't have to be right about this... I'm just sayin'...

Thad Wasson said...

The spokeswoman for Sen. Johnson was booed when she said Mr. Johnson had not read the bill so he was not ready to commit to having the lower level of health care the the general public will receive with this house bill.

Bill Fleming said...

Watch the video, Thad. That's not what she said.

Bill Fleming said...

This is EXACTLY what she said:

"It’s impossible to make comments on a bill that doesn’t exist yet in the Senate, but I do want to say that the effort we’re trying to get to is that you will have access to the same benefits."

And that, Thad, is an honest answer.

Notice she said NOTHING about whether or not Tim had read any bill or whether or not he was ready to comment.

betty76 said...

i was at this event, and it was downright embarrassing.

an event organized to discuss a house bill attended by people who oppose federal control featuring representatives of the two senators... um what? this is so far from having any bearing on reality that it makes the head spin.

the highlight of the afternoon for me: a little after 12, we were instructed to stand out by the street in the noon sun holding signs... this part of the event was not advertised, and therefore many people did not have signs representing their viewpoints. but amazingly enough there were plenty of signs representing one extreme viewpoint. for example: a 9 year old boy with a sign saying 'i work, you spend'.... ah, the irony...

bob - citizens for liberty? hmm... i've been referring to them as the 'fighters of freedom' all this time...

...oops, my bad!