The whole point of free speech is not to make ideas exempt from criticism but to expose them to it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This kind of goes with my "BrickTestament" post below. Remember, these folks really, no kidding do believe they are the good guys.

What to do?

Well, Thomas Jefferson had an idea:

"Ridicule is he only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them..." — Thomas Jefferson


Bob Newland said...

How does one go about ridiculing a parody? Whew!

Bill Fleming said...

Are you talking about the "BrickTestament" or the video, Bob? You don't think the video is a parody, do you? I don't think it is.

Bob Newland said...

The folks leading the "science" tour and eliciting controlled responses from their little students are parodies of themselves.

Bill Fleming said...

Oh, ok I see. You're right, how could you even get them to understand you were making fun of them for their own good?

They would probably just think you were a sinner or possessed and pray for you or something. Impossible.

I had some teachers like that at Mt. Marty College, actually. Not quite on that level, but still, there's a line that can't be crossed with some folks at some certain spiritual/philosophical because there just isn't anything on the other side.

Never occurred to them to even think about it. Brand new information... no memorized answers from the dogma in the data banks.

Like blind spots.

I suppose we all have that in some way or another though, huh?