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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rock and a hard place.

While Bob and Mike are discussing the pros and cons of Dylan and Diamond, (really Mike, seriously?) I'm thinking about Boll Weevils. Hey, it's a Democrat thing. I'm wonderin' how many "Blue Dogs" will be lookin' for a home come the next election.


betty76 said...

hopefully many blue-dogs get sent to the doghouse... but only if they get replaced by real democrats.

an obstructionist blue-dog is still better than an obstructionist elephant.

Bill Fleming said...

I don't know about that, Betty76.

I don't think anybody from either party in the last election was especially counting on the Republican party to bring change.

But I do think everybody who voted for the Democrats was counting on them not to act like Republicans.

Even in South Dakota. There's a reason why our largely Republican state routinely sends Democrats to DC.

Carl LaFong said...

They'll be havin' a nerrrvous breakdown, a mental shakedown.