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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pop Quiz #3: An Extreme Annoyance.

You must draw a line from every utility to every house. You must not let any line from any one utility cross any other utility line. You may not connect from house to house.

Ready, set, go.

p.s. Bill K, I'm probably gonna need to see the math on this one, dood.

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Okay, first solution in...Denature writes:

I realize this is not the correct answer, but I'm going
for the attempt to circumvent through annoyance route.

Look at the picture.

Cross your eyes until you see a third group between the original two.

It should look 3D kinda like those posters.

If you look at the pic in the middle you should notice
that the lines that seem to cross and be in violation
of the rule are actually in different planes.

Thus it is my contention that the lines don't actually cross.


denature said...

My first answer was wormhole. I'll send another one that will attempt to make a 3d exception.

Neal said...

Ok, confession time: I tried it once on paper, and immediately realized I was about to lose a substantial portion of my life trying to figure it out. So I went to google, and found out that ... well, I won't ruin the surprise.

Bill Knight said...

Well, it seems impossible on a piece of paper. And yup, I did the same as Neal. I also won't ruin the surprise, but I did find the math to prove it, when we get some good stuff out of it, I'll post some explaining the math.

denature said...

Or as anyone who has played Asteroids knows if a line goes off one end of the paper it will appear again at the opposite end of the paper.

Bill Fleming said...

Right. The donut thing (torus). I thought Bill K. Was going to put that up. Maybe he got sidetracked in another dimension or something?