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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let's not let the government get between doctors and their patients .

A friend sent me this, back channel:
JULY 26, 2009

I believe that my healthcare decisions should be between me, my insurance company plan, my insurance company’s list of approved doctors I am allowed to see and treatments I am allowed to get, my insurance company’s claims department, the insurance company doctors who have never met me, spoken to me or even personally looked at my files, my own preexisting conditions, my insurance company’s crack cost-review and retroactive cancellation and denial squads, my insurance company’s executives and board of directors, my insurance company’s profit requirements, the shareholders, my employer, and my doctor."

It begs the question, of course: Tim Johnson, Stephanie Herseth, and John Thune, what's so great about insurance companies, and the health care system we have now? Another good friend (Republican... can you believe it?) has a pretty interesting Health Care plan that's worth taking a look at. I'm working on nailing down a few specifics with him before I post it here.

Stay tuned.


Bill K said...

I don't see what the hubub is about! We already have a national health care system. It's called the Emergency Room!

caheidelberger said...

Spot on, Bill F.! This is why we need single-payer:
1. You pay taxes/premiums to Uncle Sam.
2. Your see your doctor.
3. Uncle Sam pays your doctor.

Three steps -- it doesn't get any simpler. See Rep. Weiner's explanation.

Anonymous said...

I am a proud veteran. Although I don't use the VA medical system, many people do. A recent non-partisan report showed the VA has the best continuum of care at the lowest overall cost. Why is it okay for veterans to have excellent health care paid for by the federal government, but not everyone else ?

Jim said...

Those opposed to Pres. Obama's health care reform are worried more about politics than the well being of the people of the U.S.

I understand politics, but to quote Pres. Bush, "to oppose everything without proposing real alternate solutions is irresponsible."

[aaron] said...

just a thought: aren't health care costs so high partly because of malpractice insurance (which is in turn caused by litigation laws?), or are doctors just greedy?

bill k: 'reactive' is to 'emergency room' as 'proactive' is to ?

anonymous: not that i'm actually suggesting this, but what about required military service, as many other countries with national health care systems have?

jim: was that jr. or sr.? if it was jr., it must be the most intelligent thing he's ever said...