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Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm back. But, I'm tired.

I want to thank my friends Bill Fleming and Bob Newland for what they have done with the place while I was off in the world of rock and roll and motorcycles. I really REALLY want them to stick around, don't you all?

They have brought a provacative force to the Decorum Forum, that a dusty old voice from the middle-right could never do. Folks around the world have found us here in the hail beaten plains of western South Dakota because they are interested in what we have to say.

Someone in Congress is checking us out daily.

I asked Bill and Bob to help me out as I put in my 20+ hour days prior to, and during the rally, and help they did. It's a new blog. And it is as much theirs as it is mine. And, it is kewl.

Gentlemen, thanks again. I think we should have a cable show called "Pimp My Blog" or something similar. Please stick around. You're needed.

I'll be posting soon on some of the events at the rally and why a South Dakota newspaper is managed by morally bankrupt, ethically retarded liars.


Bill Fleming said...

Welcome home, Michael.
Good to see you back.
Hope you like the new drapes.
Later, mon.

Anonymous said...

"Ethically retarded." It's gotta be LeFort.

DragonFly said...

Welcome back, Mr. Sanborn!

Just wondering, since someone in Congress is checking out the site, if we should watch what we post? Should we be afraid? Very afraid?

A tin foil hat moment. ;)

Bill Fleming said...

DragonFly, we're fearless here on the Forum... right fellas? ...fellas? ...fellas?

DragonFly said...

I got it. The fearless Fleming fellas.

Bob Newland said...

Those sunsabitches want me they know whereta find me. Work release. That's where.