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Friday, August 14, 2009

And then this re: IHS from Dr. Jeff Henderson...

Local Doctor wins award for researching health disparities in Native population


'Henderson said the disparity in the type of health care tribes receive compared to other populations remains a critical problem. And the fact that some Americans, regardless of race, are not insured at all is a tragedy. Henderson said the current health care reform package being considered in Congress has one element that is essential to the future of the health care in America. "I have a great interest in social justice," he said. "I throw my weight behind universal health care ... so not a single U.S. citizen drops between the cracks." Henderson said one-sixth of the population has no or inadequate health care insurance. "That just doesn't meet any criteria of social justice," he said. Henderson believes much of the rhetoric being tossed around now regarding the health care reform bill is little more than fear-mongering, which eliminates the potential for real discussion and "muddies the waters." "It's what's happening in the anti-tobacco campaign as well.'

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