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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Time/Space Continuum

Proof that God not only created Heaven and Earth, He created the 4th of July (note the colors).

Just thought this might illustrate Fleming's post on monism/dualism below.


Bill Fleming said...

Perfect. Thanks Bob!

That sums up our discussion so far quite well.

Is there a God outside nature as we understand
it? And if so, how does s/he/it interact with those
of us down here on the grid?

Bill Fleming said...

p.s. Bob, as per the illustration: Waters? What waters?

Bob Newland said...

You must visualize the waters that have been created from the void.

I have seen no evidence that there is a "God" outside "nature." For me, "God" and "nature" are synonymous.

Bill Fleming said...

Ok, thanks, Bob. That was easy. I wonder how many others reading this are of the same mind? Troy? Lexrex? Corey? ...anyone...anyone?