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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr. Wasson wants to go to Washington

This is the initial question in a series of questions I plan to ask Thad Wasson, who has announced his intent to petition for entry into the Republican primary election for US House from So. Dak.

Given that if elected you will initially be only one of 535 votes for any proposed legislation, and will have almost no power to even get a proposal ushered through committee to get to a floor vote, let's assume for the sake of discussion that you are promised the ability to get one proposal through committees and onto the floors of both House and Senate.
What proposal would you make? Why?

Wasson answers:
I am glad that you and other blogs are visible during this time of great danger to the Republic. This is the time to sound the warning of the loss of our freedoms, for us and our children.

This first challenge to our State and Nation is the communist Chinese government. They have flooded our Nation with goods and have done the same to the Nation of Mexico. This causes jobs from SCI to Merrilat to John Morrell disappear and will never return to South Dakota. The citizens of Mexico have also had their local jobs disappear which causes them to migrate North to find work here. This stresses our schools (to educate their children) to our health clinics.

I would submit a bill to place a 500% tariff on all goods from China, if they open their market evenly to our products, I would remove said bill.

Thad Wasson photo above hijacked from SDWarCollege site, then re-cropped, enhanced and engraved by Decorum Forum staff. Original photographer unknown.


Carl LaFong said...


Bill Fleming said...

Do you know if Mr. Wasson's going to dialogue here Bob? I bet some people would like to ask him a few additional questions.

Neal said...

Wow is right.

Bob Newland said...

Thad can certainly dialogue here if he wants to. He's a computer technician for Quest for about 10 years, so I assume he knows the ropes.

Folks may pose questions to him here, and if he doesn't respond on the blog, I'll forward them to him by email and see whether he responds as quickly as he did to the first question.

John said...

I didn't like Thad's answer. This is not the time to make China really mad at us. Wasn't there another Republican last month who went to China and told them not to trust us with money? I don't think that's the best approach we should be taking with China now.