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Friday, July 17, 2009

So far, Forum posters seem a very self confident lot.

Probably predictable. Whether you use an alias,
or your own full name, it takes a fairly self-confident
individual to offer up one's opinion on subjects as
diverse as quantum theory, religion, politics, the
economy, the meaning and value of life, etc, etc.

We've touched on all of these things and more
this week. And about a thousand of you have
stopped by to at least see what's going on.

Far fewer (16 of you to be exact) have checked
in to tell us who you "have confidence in."
(see poll at right a few items down from the top.)

The first thing that pops out is the bottom item,
"myself." I think Bob might have added that one
to the original quiz. (Yes, we have the ability to
edit each other's work here on the forum. It doesn't
happen much, but it does happen...)

Anyway 100% of the responders thus far tell us that
they have confidence in themselves. Next comes small
business with 62% and then things pretty much tank
from there.

Only 43% of you trust the military, 31% the Presidency,
the Supreme Court, Public Schools and the Justice
System, 25% the Police and Organized Labor and
only 18% trust newspapers.

The medical system is next with 12% and then were down
to single digits. What you might call "honorable mention."

Organized religion, TV news, Banks HMOs and Congress
all fall in this just-barely-hangin'-in-there category
with one vote each (6%).

And now for the big goose egg: Big Business.
No votes. None. Bupkis. 0%. How come?

I'm putting the two charts side by side now so DF readers,
writers, and voters can compare the original Gallup Poll
results with our little non-scientific, informal poll-
in-progress here.

Obviously, if more of you vote, the ratios will change
a bit, so I'm not jumping to any big conclusions her just
yet except maybe one. You people who voted sure are
a pretty self-confident bunch.

The poll's open for 3 more days, so have at it people.

And don't worry. None of us here know how to read
the behind the scenes stats well enough to figure out
who you are and how you voted.

Your secret's safe with us.

(Update: As I was typing this, somebody new voted.
If you look quickly you can figure out who the vote
of confidence was for. Yup, "myself." No others.
Just "myself. You can of course vote for as many
as you please, and even change your vote, I think.)

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