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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sarah Palin: Stick a Fork In Her!

She's done. May we please now forget about the soon-to-be former governor from Alaska? She is likely not corrupt. She's an idot.

She may someday become a Senator from Alaska. They seem to like her there. She might win. I suppose it is possible she could someday become the Republican nominee for President. She will lose.

She will forever be a stain in my memory as the person who dashed what meager chances Sen. John McCain may have had of winning the Presidency. I believe the country needed a President McCain. It clearly did not need a Vice President Palin.

The fact is that anyone who allows an utter Twinkie like Katie Couric get the better of him/her has utterly no business in the Oval Office, unless she is attached to a vacuum cleaner. She is Dan Quayle with a nice rack.

Of course, nothing she says or does is newsworthy. Who remembers Vice Presidential candidates in losing efforts -- or winning efforts for that matter?

Who remembers that Goldwater's running mate was William E. Miller? Henry Cabott Lodge was Richard Nixon's running mate in his campaign against John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Estes Kefauver was Adlai Stevenson's running mate in their bid to unseat Eisenhauer and Nixon.

I'm not aware of a modern vice presidential loser ever advancing to the presidency. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think you have to go back to Andrew Jackson's 1828 campaign to find a vice presidential loser who eventually became president.

Now, Andrew Jackson was a bright fellow. Not so much with Palin. So why is she still in the news? Well, it's because the media really does have a liberal bias and wouldn't it be swell for the Democrats if someone so easily diminished became the Republican nominee?

Only the dinosaur-riding religious right are pining for the opportunity to advance their little girl from Alaska to 1600 Pennysylvania Ave. And, if Republicans are smart, they will find someone to run for president who doesn't think the jury is still out on that theory of evolution thing.

In the meantime, the Democrats' evil plot to hand-pick Obama's opponent in 2012 appears to be working as the press corps follows Sarah Palin's every move. In the next three years, if Sarah Palin or any of her family farts, we're going to hear it.


Bob Newland said...

When anyone says "farts," I think of John McCain and the other jokers who ran in the Republican primaries last year.

'Course, that goes for the carpetbagger Bob Barr who ran as a Libertarian last year as well.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the Republicans come up with someone that is not
a. stealing money
b. jumping in bed with someone
c. an idiot to stupid to get a real job
? just a thought... and Palin is a c just in case someone wanted to know where i stand have a great day Rich

Richard said...

i did not hit anonymous? for the record Rich Huffman and it will allways end with "Have a great day"

Michael Sanborn said...

Rich Huffman's on the forum!