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Monday, July 20, 2009

Poll results. And the winners are...

Ok, let's do some summing up. First, thanks to all participants. In all cases, the sample size is pretty low, but since when has that let any amateur, non-scientific pollster stop him?

The most we can say about these numbers is that they represent the consensus of the people who like to take polls on the Decorum Forum. So with that caveat, let's proceed to the results, shall we?

Because I want to take the old polls down to make room for some new ones.

Top to bottom, the results are as follows:

1. Sotomayer looks like a shoo-in. 47% say yes to 25% no. 13% want to wait to see what she says (but if these undecideds split even close to the yea and nay proportions it's game, set, match.) 5% say stall, stall, stall (funny, I thought there would be more) and 8% ask if there is any such thing as justice, (whatever that means... I think I knew when I wrote it, but I forgot.)

2. The Gap Traffic poll is still percolating. But preliminary sentiment seems to favor a new traffic pattern. I'll reserve comment on this one until closer to deadline day. Pun intended.

3. Bob Newland has a book for sale. I hear he's selling some. Good he needs the money. Don't ask, just buy one, ok? It's about cowboys and stuff. Very collectible.

4. Who do you trust, is still looking a lot different than the Gallup poll it was modeled after. I'm not surprised, are you? Like they say in the Norwegian Cruise line commercials, "It's different out here." I'll do a picture on this one when it's done. Still a day left, and we have a lot of new people looking at the site over the last few days. So this thing could change pretty dramatically, I suppose.

5. The "real" Bill died. Science couldn't save him. Or at least that's what half of you said. 25% on the other said, no, Bill lives on in Bill#2, because Bill's not made of stuff, he's just a pattern (either of DNA, or thought and behavior, the writer of the poll didn't specify... shame on hum, huh?) Another 16% said "I don't know." And my apologies to the 8% who said I made their heads hurt. (Actually it was just one person... see how polls like these can mislead?) As for me, well, I was of two minds on the matter, so I was one of the "don't knows." (Well at least half of me didn't.)

6. Well, there's your answer, Neal. I'm not sure what the 20% who voted to save the zygotes over the newborns were thinking, but the vast majority of you placed a much greater value on fully developed human beings as opposed to orders of magnitude more humans close to the moment of conception, even if some of you just voted to save your own skins.

7. Pat Powers should not sue Bob Newland. 57% to 42%.

8. Bob Newland SHOULD sue Pat Powers. 60% to 4o%.
Now what were they fighting about again? I forget.

9. 34% of you want us to "shut the &#%@ up. How rude. &#%@ you. (Just kidding.)

Ok, I'm outta here. Thanks for all the fun. Namaste. BF

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