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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ok, a couple of poll summaries...

The smoking ban. This was an interesting one to watch. Early numbers looked like the strike-down of the wrongly notarized signatures was a done deal, but as the news developed on the street and people gravitated to our site, the profiles changed to pretty much a dead heat — with 35% saying the measure won't make it to the ballot vs 32% who think it will. Another 19% said they don't know (always the right answer, by the way) and an impressive 22% had a sick sense of humor (similar to the author's) in asking who stepped on the duck. (If you need explanation, chances are you won't want to hear it.)

As for the traffic in the Gap, the results are curious. 65% of respondents say traffic is too dangerous, but only 15% want it rerouted. That must mean ... unmm, I don't know what it means. Like wise 12% say the roads are safe enough, but only half that (6%) say the roads are fine as is. Again, I have no idea what that means. But I do know that 21% of the people who responded hate electronic billboards. I think I'll ask them why. Could it be because YOU CAN'T PULL OVER AND WATCH THEM LIKE TV? Ok, ok, enough of that. Over and out.

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