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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh, come on!

I'm pretty patient with the media because I get it
that it's a tough, thankless job sometimes.

But it can also be a mean, snarky one.

This deal with Governor Mark Sanford is a case
in point. I'm hearing the media say now that
Sanford is giving too much information (TMI).

Come on!

The man is simply answering all your
questions. If you don't want to hear it,
stop talking to him. It's obvious that he's
goofy, dangerously, recklessly in love.

I say let's leave him to it and mind
our own business.

There are worse ways to ruin a career.


Troy Jones said...


He is going well beyond answering the questions. He is talking about how he feels and is betraying both his wife and "girlfriend" with all the details. He is a Governor and a husband and not a guest on Dr. Phil.

Michael Sanborn said...

They (the media) are chasing the "story" because it's easier than working, it appeals to viewers, and it's cheap to pursue.

Sordid stories of the downfall of the powerful get people to tune in or to read the paper.

Plan on months of coverage of Michael Jackson's death, funeral, estate, children, crimes, music, plastic surgery, fingernail polish color and glove manufacturer.

Gov. Sanford deserves everything he gets. His wife and children do not.

Politicians have been cheating on their wives for years. (Many think it's an entitlement)

That this numbskull was actually the most recent golden-haired Republican and was sooooo stupid is very disappointing.

Goofy, dangerous and reckless are not adjectives I want to describe my party's candidate for anything.

Bob Newland said...

The fact that Sanford had an affair is not news, really. Men do that sort of thing regularly.

The fact that he has willingly, seemingly eagerly, elaborated on his sex life to the press shows that he is an idiot who has been a governor and was considered prime fodder for a presidential race.

This, to me, brings into question the entire process by which we "consider" people who want to be president.

But then, I have no faith in the process to begin with, so...

Bill Fleming said...

Pretty funny guys.

Here I am defending a Republican hopelessly romantic nutcase for being a human being with a heart (if not brains) to two of his fellow Repubs and a Libertarian.

Almost as ironic as the press saying they're getting "too much information" from the guy.

To clarify, I think he should resign immediately. And I don't by any means think he represents the best the Republican party any more than I think Sarah Palin does.

I'm just sayin'...

Troy Jones said...

Bill, while on the surface it might be a bit ironic, it doesn't surprise me. You are focusing your comments on his humanity which is a good thing. At least me, I'm focusing my comments on his allowing this aspect of his humanity to affect the performance of his duties.

Bob Newland said...

Actually, Bill, I think Sanford and Palin represent the public side of the Republican Party pretty well.

The real Republicans let Geo. W. hijack the party into lunacy. Now some of those who saw how easy it was for a stark raving idiot, that they supported, to get into the White House think they can do it too.

A real Republican (limited government, self-sovereignty, small business oriented) can't get heard.