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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My friend Joe

I'm going to tip a glass of cola to my friend Joe Krebs this weekend and just finished a Photoshop treatment of several images combined to create this computer generated "watercolor."

Read about Joe here.

I've not captured him as well as I wanted. But, it is what it is. And, so it goes.


Bill Fleming said...

Nice Mike. What was the reference?

Michael Sanborn said...

Snapshots and a very old black and white passport photo. I added the glasses. Aged him a bit. Did the tinting. Everything else was feathering and masking, and then Photoshop filters.

Donna said...

It's wonderful, Michael. You did a great job. I'm hoping Joe will understand when I pass on the herring.....

And so it goes.

Bill Fleming said...

Good job.

Are you going to print it on watercolor paper?

Are you going to hand touch it after printing?

We're having a debate with some other artists, galleries, and collectors over whether the computer is a legitimate fine art medium. I'm astonished at how many otherwise astute people still don't think so.

I mean come on.

Photography and printmaking have been accepted mechanical fine art media for centuries.

Michael Sanborn said...


Yes, I'm printing on 300 lb. stretched coldpress. I'll likely miskit the existing color and do some very washy washes (think DuBois) in the back. I know that's backward, but it offers more precision than doing the miskit, doing the wash and then trying to register a piece of watercolor paper on an Epson 3000