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Monday, July 27, 2009

Heidepriem joins the fray

This post has been edited for brevity. Mr. Heidepriem's responses are above.

What follows are our questions for Mr. Heidepriem.
We have a few questions and will post your responses without editing (unless you libel someone). Our stats indicate we have one of the fastest-growing blogs in the state and we know the folks who visit us daily are responsible voters who are interested in reading your responses.

1. The South Dakota GOP responded to your announcement almost immediately with an extremely strongly-worded release. Please respond.

a. "Heidepriem, a millionaire trial lawyer in Sioux Falls best known for suing South Dakota taxpayers to force a tax increase, has been busy implementing his plan to look like a man-of-the-people:

. canceling his country club membership;
. selling his BMW;
. selling his mansion in Sioux Falls;
. hiring man-of-the-people image guru Steve Jarding."

b. How do you respond to Lucas Lentsch, the executive director of the state Republican Party calling you the "phoniest man in South Dakota" or a "fast-talking trial lawyer"?

c. Assuming you intend to set the tone for your own campaign, please describe the tone voters can expect from a Heidepriem campaign?

2. In your view, what is the most important issue facing South Dakotans and their next governor? Specifically, how will you, as governor, address this issue?

3. Our little blog is based in West River. How familiar are you with West River issues? What part do tourism, ranching, timber harvesting and production, unemployment and Native American issues – specific to Pine Ridge, Rosebud and Standing Rock – play in your planned campaign? Please be specific and take as much space as you need.

4. Another issue important to many West River residents is maintaining the viability of Ellsworth Air Force Base. What YOU would do to ensure the continued viability of Ellsworth?

5. What will you do to make sure state funding of education does not give smaller schools in sparsely-populated areas, or the very large schools in Rapid City, don't get unfair treatment by our Legislature?

6. One of the commentators on our blog has been an outspoken advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana. He is prevented by the court from publicly asking your position. But, I am not. Please share with us how you would approach the issue of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes?

Thank you in advance, Mr. Heidepriem, for taking the time to answer for our readers."


PP said...

"Even though Mr. Powers has removed the Forum from his list of blogs, we'll continue to take the high ground and leave his link here."

Mike - a suggestion. Instead of being snide, just ask. Bill pointed it out to me tonight, and I *think* I have the issue resolved.

My feed indexes in excess of 75 blogs, and the provider sucks (as evidenced by it being down for a week this spring) but it's the best software I've found, so I put up with it.

Bill Fleming said...

Thanks Pat. I see that the Forum is indeed back on your feed. For a few days there I was thinking you didn't like us or something.

oldguy said...

I am looking forward to learning more about Scott. I think the rep. press release was bad and is going to be setting the tone for the genral.

Poplicola said...

Presumably the Republicans thought much differently of Mr. Heidepriem when he was a Republican legislator?

Isn't it tough to label a guy as a tax-and-spend liberal who had essentially the same philosophies as when he represented the Republican Party?