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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Disappearing Post Mystery

I've removed some posts. I was dead serious when I said I was not going to allow name calling on this blog. My blog. My rules. No name calling. Look how good the posts are without it.

Mr. Powers removed his own, as far as I can tell. I inadvertantly removed one of Carl's that should not have been and I apologize here and now. I removed anonymous posts that contained what I interpret as libel. I removed others by others that could be interpreted by others (a jury) as libel.

Here's the deal folks:

If you intend to call someone something here, provide proof that it is true or don't post it. If you do, I will remove it.

Apologies Carl, once again.

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Carl (LaFong) said...

No apology needed. I'm enjoying the open forum.

Blogmore has an open forum. They do censor or edit some comments but, I believe, ban no commenters.

War College has a closed forum - PP bans commenters wholesale.

Despite whatever was deleted, the point was well made by several here: PP has a small-minded fear of those who use pot and supports punishment of those who use marijuana. This is inconsistent with his own recreational use of alcohol which he regularly trumpets on his blog and is inconsistent with his alleged opposition to a "Nanny State" as the government's ban on marijuana use, even as it authorizes alcohol use and uses alcohol as a vehicle for tax collection, is the ultimate Nanny State prohibition.

Keep up the good work!