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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Confidence in what?

The "confidence" poll is closed. When I added the item, “Myself,” I had no inkling that 34 of 35 voters in the poll would check that item.

The other two significant vote-getters were “The military” and “Small Business,” both with less than half the confidence factor of “Myself.” Now the question is: What do the poll voters have confidence in with reference to the items they checked?

Is it that the military or small business, or they themselves, will “do the right thing?” Will do what they’re told? Will do what’s necessary? Will "Myself" get it done, regardless of the barriers placed by all or some of the other categories named?

I draw the inference that most voters had confidence in the category for which they voted to do what they’re expected to do in the context of mission statements or moral convention. But, as with most polls, there’s a lot of room for inference.

On the other end of the vote-count spectrum, several categories received sparse confidence. What’s with the lack of confidence in “Organized Religion,” for example? Or in “Big Business,” or “Public Schools” (okay, that one’s pretty obvious)?

On another topic, Gordon Howie has confidence in Bob Fischer. Glad to hear it. Anybody want to tell us why they voted for a given item on the confidence poll?

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