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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Up side the head

by Bob Newland

Every once in a while, most of us undergo a slap upside the head (SUTH); a necessary attitude adjustment device that redirects one's priorities, at least if one has the mental capacity to do so. For me, most recently at least, it was the moment back on March 20 when I was stopped by a highway patrolman for speeding. The HP noticed the smell emanating from the nearly 1/4-lb. of skunkbud I was carrying (never break more than one law at a time; always keep the skunk in the trunk).

I'll be sentenced for a class 6 felony on July 6 at 3:15. It is a public hearing; you're invited to watch and listen as Judge Delaney presents his decision as to what punishment I deserve. Whatever it is, it will probably not be enough. On second thought, it probably will be, if deterrent is one of the objectives.

For Don Imus, it was the day after the moment about three years ago when he said of the Rutgers womens' basketball team, "Now there's a bunch of nappy-headed hos." That cost him his $20 million a year job. Now, that's a SUTH.

As is the case in most such SUTHs, the ripples spread out, affecting innocent folks. In my case, it cost the medical marijuana patients in this state the time and resource investment of an effective leader in their effort to get the state to recognize the legitimacy of their therapy. In Imus' case, it brought us the quintessentially annoying Laura Ingraham in his time slot on KTOQ 1340 in Rapid City.

Imus has returned, now on KIMM 1150, in roughly the same time slot, 6-9 am (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm too lazy to click a few links and figure it out). And he still hosts the most entertaining show on radio. This morning he and his sidekick read So. Carolina Governor Sanford's and his Argentinian honey's (speaking of SUTHs) emails to each other. Woh! ROFLMAO!

Imus is back! With a vengeance. Will Newland return? Well, I'm here, but so far the only person who seems to be listening is Fleming (and maybe Donna, and, of course, PP, waiting for me to falter). We may have to wait until after we see whether Judge Delaney bars me from posting. Stay tuned.

In spite of the fact that it says Sanborn posts these comments (directly below), Bob Newland posted this.


Anonymous said...

Imus is back? Excellent!

Mike Boutin said...

PP would probably enjoy having a drink with Ed Moses.

Carl said...

PP's all fire and brimstone about pot then can't shut up about his evening beer - a hypocrite of the first order.