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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why Frankenfeld is cool

Leave it to Don Frankenfeld, Rapid City's own famous forensic economist to cut the whole medical and recreational marijuana issue to dollars and sense.

In Saturday's dead tree version of the Rapid City Journal (Page A7), Mr. Frankenfeld outlines excellent reasons for immediately legalizing, taxing and regulating medical marijuana and for researching the economic benefits of legalizing recreational Maryjane.

Mr. Frankenfeld's research indicates that jailing South Dakota's 3,666 marijuana criminals is costing every South Dakota taxpayer $300 annually.

The War on Drugs is lost. Frankenfeld's local analysis demonstrates that South Dakota's war is similar to the war that respected conservatives like William F. Buckley, Jr., Milton Friedman and Reagan's own George Shultz declared lost long ago.


p3bfco said...

The libertarian point of view is toward the legalizatrion of not only pot but all drugs.
This - of course conflicts with the statist view toward government health care.
I, for one, would not be adverse to considering the legaliaztion of drugs if the care and expenses of the useer wwer strictyolthe responsibility of the user.
If there is a true medical use for marijuana then perhaps we should look into it. Hpowever, so far it seems thet the folks who want to legalize the product are just using this as a wedgge to get the pprocess toward toalal legalizatrion started.

Bob Newland said...

Libertarians believe all drugs should be legal to use precisely because they believe the responsibility for the consequences belong to the user.

As for therapeutic use of cannabis, that is al ready an undeniable fact. Those of us who want to make it legal simply want to get the folks who need cannabis for their conditions out of the line of fire in the rest of the "war" on some drugs.