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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Herseth Sandlin will run for re-election

That's my not-so-bold position. Woster at Blogmore has a post about the 2010 Governor's race. Powers over at the War College is suggesting Scott Heidepreim's frustrated over Herseth Sandlin's delay in announcing her intentions about whether or not she'll seek the Governor's office.

Woster's analysis is pretty good. Heidepreim has said he's not interested in Herseth Sandlin's House seat. He wants to be the governor. And he's been making more noises about it recently.

One has to assume that Democrats in high places in South Dakota talk to one another. And it appears that Heidepreim knows what Herseth Sandlin's decision is, as Wooster suggests. No Democrat in his right mind would run against Herseth Sandlin for any position she seeks. That Heidepreim is making more noise about a run for Governor suggests that Stephanie has decided not to run for that office.

It follows that Herseth Sandlin is not interested in the bloodbath that would be a Herseth Sandlin vs. Thune Senate race when she will likely glide back into her House seat without significant opposition.

Of course, if she continues to abandon her blue dog fiscal conservatism in favor of following the Democratic Party line on matters concerning national debt and taxes, Republicans in the state may actually find someone who could give her a race. If she votes in favor of any of the crazy gun legislation bouncing around out there, Republicans could run my Golden Retriever and win.

She's been real smart so far, with only a couple (albiet important) blown votes.

Meanwhile the Republican primary for the Governor's seat gets interestinger and interestinger.


Ghost Repeater said...

It's "Woster" and Pat Powers would do well to remember how John Thune took forever to decide which office he would seek.

Michael Sanborn said...

It's really embarrassing to misspell someone's name. It's been corrected with apologies to Kevin.