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Monday, April 27, 2009

Stephanie Obsession Disorder

Pat Powers over at the War College sure seems obsessed with Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin – witness his posts on her delay in deciding what post she will seek in 2010 and Chris Nelson's announcement that he's thinking about maybe running for her house seat. Read it here.

Pat seems to think the longer she takes to make up her mind, the better it is for Republicans. It just won't matter, Pat.

She won't run for Thune's senate seat because it's the only race she'd likely lose. I believe she could run for Governor and win with a fight and a bucket of money, (which she has). And her House seat is hers for the asking, no matter who the Republicans put up against her.

She has a voting record which for the most part won't make folks in East River puke.

She'll have plenty of opportunity to screw up her opportunities. But, regardless of how many times Pat calls her a carpetbagger and a princess, she's an awfully bright politician and will be very difficult to beat.

If she returns to her Blue Dog roots, it'll be smooth sailing from here out. If she votes for one of the administration's or Nancy Pelosi's ridiculous gun control bills, she'll be in a lot of trouble, as she will if she votes for one more trillion-dollar anything.

The house seat is hers to lose, Pat. And, as good a candidate as Chris Nelson might be, as popular as he is and as nice a guy as he is, the only way it will be an easy fight is if she screws something up. And, I don't think she will.

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